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Simple and charming cottages. A return to the family vacation old-school style. A peaceful pause in today’s chaotic world. This is the vision of David Chiesa, and building it has quickly become a family affair.

It began as occasional weekend rentals of David’s personal lake house. After hosting just a few times, David found great joy in providing a space for people to gather and escape the busyness of life. The following summer, David renovated a charming little houseboat and listed it on Airbnb—he never imagined it would become so popular. Alas, The Cottages on Petite Lake grew from a pint-sized dream into a massive family project.

On any given day, you can find David and his daughter, Jessica, hard at work. With a small team of close friends and family, the property has blossomed from old and dysfunctional into a beautiful lakefront oasis. David and Jessica are a father-daughter duo who make a great team. They dream big, work hard, and love people. The purpose of turning David’s dream into a reality is simple—to give people a place to:


Make memories.

Disconnect from the chaos of life.

Reconnect with themselves and others.

A labor of love, The Cottages on Petite Lake is evolving and growing every day. The work will never be done, and there will always be improvements. David and his family can only hope that The Cottages will be a place for family reunions, milestone celebrations and guests to return year after year to make memories that last a lifetime.

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